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German ideologies….

July 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

The tone of The German Ideology is somehow classic but at this point it seems a bit of a misfire. The generation that arose in the wake of Hegel was fed up with philosophy, or the Hegelian brand, but over the long term marxism was condemned to something worse, as Marx/Engels began to realize. Teaching people to hate idealism is a liability on the left now. Who cares anyway? Materialism, idealism, a far better course would be, would have been, to stand beyond both in a state of objective ‘dialectic’. That’s the strange part: for a subject committed to dialectic, marxism is frozen in place with a dogmatism that cannot reason beyond a narrow set of premises.
What rescues the subject is the part that has no intrinsic connection with ‘materialism’: the critique of ideology, class, economic exploitation and the future prospects of postcapitalism/communism.
I had hoped to be able to make this point generally in Last and First Men, but so far the marxist left is content with total boycott. But that boycott is really the other way around.

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