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Reverse meritocracy?

July 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

The Pentagon’s “2015 Strategy” For Ruling the World.

I read somewhere, and I was surprised to read it, that enlistees in the military are a reverse meritocracy: anyone above a certain level of intelligence on an IQ test is deselected, with the questions of the ‘brass’ being unclear: clearly they don’t need to be tested: they are stupid money back guarantee (all those prep schools?)…

But this is the clue, mon vieux, to the whole dumbkopfery now in place: those selected to be stupid can only create a stupid imperialism because the leaders and their personel are all stupid. And officers, although marginally intelligent are in reality sucked into the whole nonsense as they lose IQ points by the hour: the whole idea of a military salute is, ‘I’m stupid, proceed’. This is a bit unkind, but it explains the inexplicable stupidity that often barfs out from the seams of the whole Frankenstein project read about in the news. One often does a double take: It is just barely possible that Islamic culture is a threat to the West, and to the US. But if the evidence of the 9/11 conspiracy means anything (an attempt to be super clever by stupid covert operatives) it suggests this is false: the Islamic world was never any real threat at all, but needs to be made to seem so. This to me is the (in)explicable core of the smart/stupid nexus. Maybe it’s all Mossad’s fault. I suspect that the reasoning here is: Enstein was very smart, Einstein was jewish, therefore anything Mossad does is jewish smarts in action. One problem I have here is the queer overconfidence of the idiots trying to be smart (jewish or gentile) with 9/11 stupendo tactics. Even a reasonable amount of research might have warned these brilliant minds that airplane fuel can’t melt steel. The whole 9/11 project, I admit, makes me gape in wonder but one of the puzzles is the number of stupid giveaways in the project. If this was a Mossad operation, then it was jewish smarts in action, and the verdict is, ‘idiot’… The whole thing must be a make work project to keep the american economy functioning…

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