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Why are historians so terrified of World History and the Eonic Effect?

July 3rd, 2015 · No Comments

[I reused this as a review at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/review/R2QWZBX4TVOALX/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm]

Why are historians so terrified of World History and the Eonic Effect?
One reason these people hate me is that I am an outsider who makes a mockery of academic/scientific conditioning that enforces a party line. An outsider like me can’t be allowed to have any publicity: that would show that the general public can free itself from elite domination…They can’t allow the public to realize that current assumptions are incapable of explaining historical dynamics.

Historians know they can’t produce a science of history because they would have to negate ‘free agency’ or ‘free will’. But they can fake their way past this with vague concepts like ‘big history’ and keeping mum about darwinism.
World History and the Eonic Effect shows how to do it right and contains a long list of heresies:

the question of evolution remains unsolved, but it would seem that evolution is teleological, directional. The record of evolution is confusing but shows two levels, just as Lamarck predicted.
the question of human evolution must solve some tough questions:
human language
the ‘mind’
the ‘soul’ (or spirit): life after death, with a wild card as to reincarnation
the ‘will’ as a metaphysical mystery….’will’ free or not
ethical behavior and the complexity of ‘human natural morality’
art and the sudden creativity of the Paleolithic

This list is so extraordinary that to assume that darwinism can explain is a brand of impudence, quite extraordinary at that…

The man of Big/Deep history is a technocratic Iron Cage fiction

As to world history WHEE shows that a ‘spiritual’ domain, that dreaded no-no, is real, although I do not myself considered it ‘spiritual’, but a higher materialism, or whatever: but the macro effect shows that a larger framework is needed that can explain transformations over geographical intervals, directionality over millennia, and much else.

The Axial Age is a prime case of what is either suppressed or deliberately misexplained.

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