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Communist Christianity and Fundamentalist Islam

July 4th, 2015 · No Comments

http://beta.counterpunch.org/2015/07/03/communist-christianity-and-fundamentalist-islam/: remarkable essay answering to some of my confused remarks on the subject, starting with my off-the-wall attempt to give free advice to ISIS on the subject of a communist movement.
It is hard to figure the question of Islamic culture and the actuality on the ground which includes no small measure of activists on the mid to far left, including the Arab socialism of the Nasser era. There is even a mention of my Munzerian Xtianity.

Many of these criticisms apply to my ‘Munzerian Xtianity’, save that the scheme of history that I use suggests that the religions of the Reformation got a second wind and began to show how monotheism could adapt to modernity, whether on the way to postreligion or something like religion for the future. And the issue of Reformation is now topical in the Muslim world.

I think that the Protestant Reformation never really happened: it was a clear dialectic of Calvinism which adapted to capitalism, pace Weberian views here, and Munzerian proto-communist Xtianity which was eliminated almost immediately. But its legacy remains, as we can see in Liberation Theology, and even progressive Xtian influences on modern politics.

But it is hard to see the future here. I think the new atheism has confused the issue. Atheism isn’t the real question. We can be theists and atheists in the same church (already the case) where being confused is no sin. But the future of the core theology of Xtianity is at risk. But there is a good chance a new radical church can assist the transition to postcapitalist sanity. The impulses in Pope Francis show that trying to pop out into the open from its repressed condition as current.
The case of Islam is hard to understand for an outsider. But Islam has a classic finish, like polished marble, and could adapt to a modern context, …conceivably.

My diatribe re: ISIS was that all the energy for a revolutionary movement is there but squandered on complete idiocy.

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