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Will we have to liquidate Chomsky on the Ultra Far Left? …I don’t take leftist excommunication lying down, so from now on it’s the ultra far left to kick your marxist butt (the last thing alive in these dopes)

July 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Will we have to liquidate Chomsky on the Ultra Far Left? It seems like a bad idea. What about Pope Francis? But these deadbeats are in the way. Chomsky isn’t even a leftist, in his anarchist bliss, so he is not on the active list at all. It’s a long way to Thermidor…

But the whole shebang of the current marxist left is problematical. It needs to be liquidated in the polite sense of being replaced with a new movement that is faithful first to the idea of communism, which must be reinvented as neo-communism, and to a judicious core of marxism, with a post-Leninist intelligence that can not have to answer to Stalinism, because a total disconnect has taken place.

Warning: your marxist ass is bullseye from now on….

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