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Open communism?

July 5th, 2015 · No Comments


Marxists will wince (go ahead) but the time has come for Open Communism, a ‘Horrid Hybrid’ of Marx and Karl Popper. The latter’s idea of the Open Society was ridiculed on the left but was a pop Marx kryptonite device non-pareil. Don’t panic it is only another ‘gedanken experiment’….
Open Communism must examine critically the possibilities of ‘open society’ subsets inside more controlled hypersets, e.g. a larger domain of communist control of industrial mega-sectors and deliberate indifference zones for culture, thought schools, artistic zones, even flea-market to near ‘petty bourgeois’ shopkeeper zones. The latter is actually highly dubious, to start. It might curdle the whole larger experiment. But it does raise the idea that in a crisis of planetary of macroeconomies, microeconomic niches might be ‘look the other way’ issues.

In general though a study of Bolshevik society shows the unnecessary overcontrol of the macrosystem on the microsystem. Whatever the case the Bolshevik case shows hundreds of cases where things just happened, under the assumption of needed macro control, and the result was not open at all

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