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sacred/secular three way transitor switcheroo vampire effects….or how sufi electronics went insane after Idries Shah…

July 6th, 2015 · No Comments

http://darwiniana.com/?s=jewish+supremacism: We had a brief phase of discussing so-called ‘jewish supremacism’ here but this subject can’t get off the ground due to its vulgar history and worse such history in the take given to us by no less than David Duke. To one’s stunned surprise this turned out to be quite a cogent book on the subject. But it couldn’t get to the bottom of the question because noone can figure out how their could be jewish supremacism without a conspiracy theory to match. We addressed that here once, with the realization there are multiple conspiracies, jewish, xtian, islamic, buddhist, etc…So the idea is not exactly bias.

I think that the real meaning here is ‘occult jewish, or xtian…, conspiracy’… And there what we suspect is what we can never know. So let’s be fair at least say we suspect a number of xtian occult conspiracies.

In a more practical vein we see the de facto effects of jewish domination and its destructive impact on american life. And here we can stop, for the moment. Simply airing the idea can help to dispel confusion. But the fact remains that jewish culture is a turning tide generating destructive outcomes, as in the case of Israel: the ‘jewish idea’ is at fault. This may be a lost cause as the self-destrutive tendencies of jews undermine all their ambitious hopes of jewish achievement.

But before dropping this let’s consider one idea I have heard from the well of semi-esoteric speculation. A species of bullshit that left we however to wonder. It was this: noone can figure what bugs them completely: the secular/religious tandem jewish domination effect. Where xtians drop xtianity the latter religion grows weaker. But as jews abandon judaism the jewish culture nexus grows stronger because an entrance to the secular does not end ‘jewish’ identity but compounds its power: the monopoly game scores a decisive advance because it is now two opposites under the same category, unlike the case with all other religions. This is one of the reasons the jewish question drives so many gentiles to a frenzy of frustration as they can’t figure out the game or the swindle.
I have heard this from a sufi echo ‘overheard’ over the airwaves: the two transitorized jewish flipflop switcheroo effect: how do you use secular jews as transitor switches to generate flow between two opposites, secular and religious jews? I am shocked. Who is nutty enough to think this way? But the electronics isn’t the point, I guess: it is a model of an idea that can be ‘willed’ to happen that way. Now we are all about to go nuts. The vampire mystique taken to paranoid levels.
After Idries Shahs ventures into electronics I would advise other sufis to stay away from such psychotic nonsense. Reality is not transistorized. But hearing this I have to throw up my hands, because the problem always gets worse. There is some truth to the idea that jewish supremacist monopoly grows as a contingent of secular jews penetrates its opposite.

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