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Hedges don’t be a celebrity rebel: you could have cited my Last and First Men with a comprehensive take on the left and its problems

July 7th, 2015 · No Comments

Hedges, I am broke and added to credit card debt to buy your book. Why don’t you buy mine? If you are trying to bury me I will fight back. We aren’t comrades at this point: it’s one to liquidate the other.
I suspect, and could be wrong, that you are trying a pop version of my approach that will skirt the hard issues of a revolution-perspective in relation to economics and theory, darwinism, evolutionism and ideology, marxism, history, tactics, critique. You know very well you have to write crap to avoid the topics above that I don’t avoid.

I need to know if you are Christian gandhian who will talk revolution and then undermine real revolutionary action. Your critique is excellent, but you can’t cut corners and simply sound off hot air. Being a revolutionary is not fun, and the followers of the Christian communist Munzer were not Gandhians.
Because Lenin was a screwup I no option but to discourse with sentimental xtians…
It would be nice to have a dialogue, but the first rule of celebrities is to never mingle. We could have been friends but from now on we won’t be.

I don’t wish to be unfair, but my experience is that, like the Pope, you will reference revolution to destroy it.
Could be wrong.

Meanwhile I have discoursed on Munzerian Xtian revolutionry Xtianity. I don’t have to take bullshit from other Xtians.

Nota Bene: we are not talking about Thomas Paine’s rebellion here.

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