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From the captain of the Titanic: how much time do we have?…

July 8th, 2015 · No Comments

From Catholicism to Atheism to Islam and Back to Catholicism

I have shared similar experiences not with Islam but with sufism, and the latter is something I consider myself fortunate to see through! Xtianity is a religion with the gnostics exiled, and Islam is a religion with the gnostics well represented in multiple versions including that of an occult mafia making suckers out of moslems everywhere. They are like rogue fisheries preying on dolpins and the ‘harvesting of essence’ by these sufi gangsters has left a civilization that can barely function, thence to make matters worse with a whole new set of predators such as the US and Israel.
They have done the monumental slander whereby the false-flag ops of 9/11 are blamed on Islamic sources, a good excuse for the outer predation.
But that apart an equal confusion lies in the interior chaotification of Islam.

I thus recommend a transient reformation to a transformed Islamic culture, or else skipping a reformation and moving directly to a post-Islamic new society. It is time to stop being afraid of this, remaining rather afraid of doing this wrong.
A post-Islamic culture need not be the atrocious confusion of current botched secular societies. There are sufis and sufis and there are some who could create a vibrant modernity with an Islamic sheen.
I would hesitant to make such criticisms, but as in the Lord of the Rings, the escape is chancy and the powers of darkness sufistic or other are chasing you vigorously, and too powerful to evade inside a pious Islamic faith used as the bleeping sheep for these traffickers in mutton. The whole sufi game is rotten, and the figure Gurdjieff in an xtian blend found in the regions adjacent to Islamic worlds openly spoke of his demonic cast. So much for his sufism. Casting one’s gaze on the Moslem world we see mostly hobbits, so the analogy is not too far off.
We have a right then to vacate these mafia controlled neighborhoods. And this I suspect may be why Islamic issues produce so much hysteria in Islamophobic outsiders. Xtianity is not better, andthe gleam of the devil is visible. You owe not allegiance to such things, and the question of god is irrelevant. You will find god on the other side of the Exit. Whatever the case buddhas spoke of the transience of things samsaric and the tale of Islamic ways makes we think of a slow motion version of the Titanic where the captain asks the engineer, how much time do we have? An hour or so, the reply. With Islam the same question would get several centuries, and that’s too generous. Because Islam was at the turning point in the nineteenth century and now have gone backwards, leaving a host of stranded ‘secularists’ inside. In any case the chaos emerging is a sign that Islamic worlds have landed the disastrous break amid ships. The rest is only a matter of time. Islamic culture has a remnant depth that could lead to a new branding of modernity. But the time is short. The Islamic world is behind where it was in the period leading up to, say, Ataturk. Now the current confusion, much of if compounded by covert agents, is a ploy to milk the oil wealth by creating Islamic super idiots, like the Saudi monarchy. As a democracy born in revolution the american system is now a perpetual disgrace for the way it has engineered Islamic plastic in the Saudi nuthouse for its imperial benefit. Time for a swift transition and those who can lead it. Look at Ataturk, minus his many flaws: one generation put Turkey past the vulture, and they sent the sufis packing to boot.

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