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Super New Deal in lieu of regime change beyond capitalism a fantasmagorical fantasy/fantasm?

July 8th, 2015 · No Comments

Writers like Hedges should be a reminder to students of marxism to recast their ideas so that people in the broader liberal community can understand the critiques now classic here. Instead this get put through the marxist sausage machine and people like Hedges with the creative power to explicate the issues so critical now, rebellion, get in the undertow of assumptions of what is really ‘bourgeois revolution’.
Let me note that in theory it ought to be possible for a Super New Deal to create a democratic/liberal wrapper for a social democratic culture/economy that solves all the crisis issues we see in late capitalism: regulation of industrial pollution, new technologies beyond the oil age, solar,…, labor rights and robust wage structures, free health care, free education, some solution to the housing/metrocomplex vicissitudes of simply finding lodging, etc….That was the hope of the Progressive movement, obviously, and it succeeded in the US until the tide turned and now all those gains are being rapidly phased out. Shall we learn the lesson abut the Super (Duper) New Deal mirages….

But the point is that there are hundreds of combinations of all these things and yet we never study any of them in the forced assumption that we life in the best of all possible democracies…

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