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A neo-communist platform…

July 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Any movement at this point needs to
have a stance on revolution, its tactics, and historical dynamics
distinguish bourgeois and true communist revolution
take a stand on the issue of Israel
be able to critique darwinism and adopt a new evolutionism
critique the scientism of marxism

redefine, or clarify ‘secularism’ as more than scientism
both critique and carry the legacy religions (e.g. liberation theology, etc…)
clarify the destruction of the working class:
LFM suggested a variant ‘universal class’ to carry the working class until it wakes up.

find a critique of neo-classical economics that is sound
find some starting point for post-capitalist economics
detail the history of ‘rights’ and their vivissitudes with marxists
propose a communist foundation for a new set of rights, economies, and politics/local/global

did i forget anything! Yes lots…
but the inertia of the left is partly the legacy of bolshevism.
We see people like Hedges unable to break out of the nervous nelly fear of stalinism, in fact that’s a plus,…until it is a minus….

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