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Hedges to general liquidation sequence next to Chomsky?

July 9th, 2015 · No Comments

Hedges new book and these videos are of great interest but Hedges’ analysis isn’t deep enough. He hasn’t done his homework and can’t deal with economic, marxist, evolutionary, and philosophic issues. I will forgive him. Anyone who gets to the finish line called ‘rebellion’ gets consideration of whatever materials he brings. But we are living ‘marx’ all over again: inchoate gestations in the wake of the French Revolution requiring someone(s) like Marx/Engels try to organize out of chaos. But we are in the same position now because, as Hedges makes clear in his stalled take on the issues, the legacy of bolshevism makes it seem like marx never existed. We end up with Tom Paine rebellion.

Instead of taking on Hedges I will unfairly ball out the marxist left for not being ready with stuff for ‘bourgeois revolutionaries’ who don’t know that what they are. Sure, the marxists have written five thousand books here, but they didn’t make the message clear. Back to the drawing board…

I still think Last and First Men has all the material needed to start on this project.

But a good writer like Hedges has some material to carry. But he is still back in the pre-communist mentality. He mumbles about ‘alternate vision’ but why no simply speak about communism>?

And his black block stance is disgraceful…

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