History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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July 12th, 2015 · No Comments

The metahistorical claims of WHEE are all implied, with no theory in general for the material. You can ‘see’ what is happening up to a point. And in any case the model is starting to show some remarkable confirmations. The original edition 1999 suggested the macro effect in relation to democracy and implied a ‘two century’ suspense period for the modern transition on the analog of the Greek/Athenian: from Solon to 400BCE and defeat by Sparta we see democracy arise and pass (but the form persists). With stunning precision we see the same two century career of the American version, with a larger concordance of pattern. I can hardly say that this is chance and am no more certain of the non-random. But we can see that within two centuries the American system has begun to change its character. It is, however, merely one in a huge field of democracies…

The point is that we can see that the suggestion about a ‘divide’ at the end of transitions is relevant.

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