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No confrontation with capitalism is possible from the current marxist left, frozen in place…’contemplating’ a metaphor of liquidation…

July 12th, 2015 · No Comments

The classic left has all the liabilities of reductionist scientism and the attempts to thaw it out fail over and over again. We need to consider that it is an obstacle to revolution. We must interject here that this is not an argument for compromise. The full revolutionary impetus of full regime change, communist appropriation and economic reconstruction is beset with its ‘bad habits’ which can’t be broken.
A few issues here: China and Cuba aren’t models of what to do. So what to do? First of umpteen issues: the bolshevik experiment allowed a class of a neo-bourgeoisie, the Party, to become a privileged elite. And then to enforce their rule with an egregious expansion of secret police. How did such an elementary mistake unfold? And what is its remedy. All these issues require being addressed to reassure those who are currently aware of the almost amateurish botch of the Bolshevik revolution.
The core ideas of marxism are still relevant, and the endless retreat into compromised social democratic fictions proceeds unchecked…

We have been playing some gallows humor with the idea of ‘liquidation’, a old joke here from long ago in Hitchens days with his ‘smoking in the shower, search here under the term), and this is a reminder that all too often the greatest enthusiasts are in the way. It is surely true now. From the mirror image you could see it in the OWS, they were totally alienated from classic marxism and the result was a spastic movement. While the marxist movement is suffering from a puzzling inertia.

Let us consider there are numberless ways to break old habits the stalled legacy of marxism. But the diehards froze up decades ago. The fiction applied of liquidation can help here: self-liquidation upon review. The point is that social movements once frozen are hard to manage. The self-criticism of all in the cadre is essential…

You get my meaning: the whole marxist left is a bunch of windbags and can’t move in any direction.

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