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Red Fortyeight group: a way to start over…?

July 12th, 2015 · No Comments

In pursuit of a leftist encounter with religion and broader modernity we have discussed three/four broad avenues: the xtian, the islamic, the buddhist and the modern mainline passing through the early modern to the outcomes that have tended to contract. We pointed to useful abstraction, a Munzerian Protestant Church of communism, a buddhist revolutionary sangha, one to rapidly depart from the now reactionary axial-buddhism, and the mysterious Islamic/sufistic core with its hidden spiritual technology we have discussed. The latter is beyond contact so far on the left. Any group stuck on nineteenth century scientism couldn’t even discuss such a thing. Leftist materialists would recoil in dull stares. Buddhism would be rapidly planed out as in the current new atheism movement: the path to enlightenment would be ideologically cut out. Xtianity has a potential vital adaptability here, and we don’t know what use could arise there.
Meanwhile modernity itself is beyond the capacity of the secular humanists who have contracted everything to a rote syllabus.
But the verdict here is nervewracking. These are ways for materialists to fumble the ball stupidly and in any case the legacy groups couldn’t even discuss the above in public.

We should hope someone can find a way to start over….

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