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Red Fortyeight group: Ultra Far Left (UFL) challenge to marxist Iron Cage mentality

July 20th, 2015 · No Comments

The left has to reinvent itself to escape the rigor mortis of the current (marxist) left, and do this as a realization of its core communism, not as a revision. We need a new theory of history, of economics, a legal definition of communism, an internationalist project, and some way to broaden the perspectives of nineteenth century historical materialism. positivisn, etc..

But we have to be able to break out of the iron grip of stupid marxist cults that can’t open the window to any fresh air, to the slightest deviation from orthodoxy. We don’t need all that baggage: we need a core study of economic theories, ideology, class and revolutionary contexts from democracy to communism. The challenge to the old left is an attempt to stir the left from a kind of trance, a phenomenon typical of all cults.

We have tried to suggest three areas of study: religious zones leading to a commuist xtianity, buddhism, islam, and a generalized secular matrix that can mediate these legacies with the full context of the modern transition in its depth and diversity. It will be slowly obvious that the modern transition has a far greater depth than the legacy religious zone starts of the Axial Age. At that point reactionary conditioning can yield to the basic modern range of perspectives, moving to reconcile democracy and communism in a new restart in the wake of dead marxism…

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