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Biochemical machines

July 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

One of puzzles of contemporary science is the way it has let the Intelligent Design groups seize the high ground. It should be obvious that the reality of complex biochemical machines preempts the facile claims of random mutation and natural selection. How is it that trained scientists could have let this one get away? The sociology of science is itself unable to deal with this failure.

It is of course a kin to the new atheist ideology in formation, its ancestor of long standing: it is much easier to validate atheism, for example, if you don’t have to deal with complex design issues in biology. But I think this question has been handled stupidly. The biological community should have long since conceded ‘design’ in nature, and moved to detach this from theological obsessions. It doesn’t make any sense to claim that biochemical machines are the result of divine intervention. The ID group has confronted this issue and tried to leverage ‘design’ as intelligent. But this has simply alienated scientists further with the trojan horse notion ‘intelligent’. This has muddled the discussion. We must either specity an intelligent designer or else reduce design to natural explanations, e.g. teleological machines and how nature might construct them. But the diehard attempt to promote natural selection has backfired in favor of the critics…

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