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Bronze Age collapse vs the Axial Age

July 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

Our discussion earlier today of the Stone Age apocalypse (scroll down) as a cataclysmic event shaping human evolution suggested that this doesn’t actually induce real developmental evolution.
If we turn to world history it is easier to give an illustration: the Bronze Age apocalypse was more destructive than creative and simply left a short (by later ‘medieval’ standards) dark age in its wake. But we can see that the new great creative era, the Axial Age, came independently (on schedule in the macro dynamic) after around 900 BCE. There is no connection with the fall of the Bronze Age period. Further the Axial period is more global visible across Eurasia as far as China, and no connection with the Bronze Age collapse in the Occident will work. The Iron Age, again, cannot be directly isolated as a source, yet it is clear that iron weapons were a factor in the emergence of new visions of human equality.

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