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The suggestion of ‘macro’ evolution

July 22nd, 2015 · No Comments

From Life’s Origin To The Dawn of Human Culture
Despite the dangers of any and all speculation about human origins (there can be no theory more speculative than darwinian natural selection), the macro model of WHEE has in principle all the pieces for solving the puzzle that eludes standard thinking;

the African scene is useful for dealing with subset populations that can be worked on in isolation
the macro effect shows have ‘macro’ evolution can operate on population zones in a series of discrete intervals of ‘shaping’ action: short bursts in ten thousand year plus intervals after the manner of the Axial Age style actions.
this effect shows the way unified actions can operate on totalities of culture, in all its aspects…

this is a ‘design’ argument, but not a theological thesis: we adopt ‘design’ in the sense of what we see in biochemical assemblies in biology: complex machines whose arising can’t come via chance.

This can be controversial, but we see precisely this kind of operation in world history, while the darwinian claim is not observed except as ‘micro’ evolution.

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