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Spiritual evolution? or snapping out of klutzhood trancing

July 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

The idea of consciousness changing the world is a variant of the idea of ‘spiritual evolution’. We have been critical of this coinage here since the distinction of biological and psychomental ‘evolution’ doesn’t really work. The term confuses the ‘evolution of potential’, i.e. the potential to higher consciousness, and its realization in a given species, i.e. homo sapiens, via the individual. Only individuals can realize the potential latent in the human species.
But this confusion of semantics would be very hard to change now. We have a dozen posts on this.

How could man as a species evolve into a new one with a different spiritual potential? That’s a question that is barely intelligible to us now. But it is unreasonably difficult for man to bloom from his potential, and perhaps there could be a new evolution of potential. Sometimes people think in terms of man evolving to enlightenment. But this won’t work: Man is already ‘enlightened’! He can’t evolve that further since he is already there, but doesn’t realize it. There is suspected to be a larger dimension beyond enlightenment, and this is a new and unknown venue.
This is very hard to understand, but a work like Paul Brunton’s The Short Path makes the point very clearly.

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