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A need for one real glimpse of evolution

July 26th, 2015 · 2 Comments

A dose of empiricism

A dose of empiricism The revolution in our knowledge of world history has uncovered something that must challenge the Darwinian assumptions about random evolution and natural selection. As we extend the scale of history to the scale of five thousand or more years, the empirical given of the historical development of civilization in a remarkable portrait of spontaneous self-organization shows us something that Darwinism cannot explain, and, further, the result looks like a complex hybrid of history and evolution. Instead of botched theories that distort our thinking we can follow the empirical outlines of episodes of evolution using periodization and descriptive analysis.

I am often baffled by the tenacity of the basic evolutionary paradigm, even in critics of some aspects of the theory like Lewontin.

I think that even a small dose of ’empiricism’, here the related evolutionary study of history in the ‘macro’ effect, can help to shock thinking out of its darwinian mindset. We are reminded of the basics needed for anything to evolve: some kind of higher level evolution that deals in some fashion with a template on a teleological level. Be that as it may we see that evolution in one form gives away the basic secret: an intermittent sequence of ‘shaping’ transitions over a long time scale, but far shorter than the standard of deep time, e.g. ten thousand years…

It is almost impossible to avoid some such brand of thinking (but mistakes are going to be many even here) given the complexity of what is involved.

The macro effect is simply beyond the reckoning of most scientists as yet, because the fallacy of darwinian thinking is so deep-rooted…

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  • 1 NK // Jul 26, 2015 at 9:12 pm

    Why are you baffled? Big Science has a political and social agenda just like any other institution competing for power. They’re not going to let their cosmological and historical narrative go that easily. They’re well aware that they have a massive wound and the sharks are circling in for the kill. This will be defended until the bitter end. Any hint of “spiritual” phenomena in the universe and they’re doomed.

  • 2 nemo // Jul 27, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    I just came across this?????

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