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Re: yesterday’s post: The Arctic Home in the Vedas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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My comments: we have addressed these issues before here. The issue is evidentiary. Without evidence, more than textual, we can’t be sure. I have the chronology 10K to 8K, then 8K to 5K, then 5k TO 3-2K….
As noted here many times before these intervals make any reference to the sanskrit/vedic of the ‘Vedas’ a problem. Any living, spoken language will not survive, such a long interval. We cannot speak of ‘Vedic’ in the context of some unknown culture of before 10k (presumably generating a language before the lesser Dryas ice age period?). Compare sanskrit and Pali, and then modern Hindi: these languages show how fast languages change in two thousand years (or less, with Pali).
The claim is that some sacred language was created in a ‘great withdrawal’ for one ‘age period’ (Bennett), before 10K BCE, then frozen in place as an unspoken resource??? The problem is that Vedic was spoken and has a similar context to that of Homeric Greek. We see not remains of this spiritual legacy in Greek. And we see not a sacred cosmology, but plain polytheism..

I just can’t get there with Tilak, but I can’t be sure of anything. People keep reinventing this type of theory…In any case, we can’t have ‘Vedic’ sanskrit before 19K BCE showing up in mid-2K-1K in India. Makes no sense. Language change rules that out.
The simple answer is that there were definite spiritual legacies in the Paleolithic, but we don’t know anything about them.

Chronology of the post-glacial period

Tilak in his Study

10,000 to 8000 BC – The destruction of the original Arctic home by the last Ice Age and the commencement of the post-Glacial period.

8000 to 5000 BC – The age of migration from the original home. The survivors of the Aryan race roamed over the northern parts of Europe and Asia in search of lands suitable for new settlements. Tilak calls it the Pre-Orion Period.

5000 to 3000 BC. – The Orion period, when the vernal equinox was in Orion. Many Vedic hymns can be traced to the early part of this period and the bards of the race seem to have not yet forgotten the real importance of the traditions of the Arctic home inherited by them. It was at this time that first attempts to reform the calendar and the sacrificial system appear to have been systematically made.

3000 to 1400 BC – The Krittika period, when the Vernal equinox was in Pleiades. The traditions about the original Arctic home had grown dim by this time and were often misunderstood, making the Vedic hymns less and less intelligible.

1400 to 500 BC – The Pre-Buddhistic period, when the Sutras and the Philosophical systems made their appearance.

via The Arctic Home in the Vedas – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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