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Has the marxist left made its own project hopeless?

August 1st, 2015 · No Comments

update note: it is hard to critique dialectical materialism. Marxist have so little and this even the lose. But they will be cut to pieces on their own terms here. In Gurdjieff and the world of reactionary sufis the negation is a code for the demonic. These sufi degenerates and card sharps must be laughing at Marx’s dialectic….

Marxists are too isolated and can’t interact with anyone outside their cult. That’s obvious from my experience with publishing Last and First Men. In a year and a half since the book was published I have not received any reviews, no contact or commentary with leftists, not a single email even indulging in criticism.
You tell me, is that Stalinism or just head up your ass cultism… I find that baffling. And that is a warning of how these people take ordinary citizens: they cannot communicate at all with such people.

I have seen this situation long before LFM and encountered it already in the nineties Internet period, and I was a liberal/marxixt tandem (if you read the first edition of WHEE). Actually the book was taken as far leftist because the end of chapter six in the fourth edition was the end of the book in the first.

I have learned to live with this because I do not think the crisis of capitalism can be handled by the current marxist cult. You can see this in the way that the OWS so naively tried, in their frustration with the marxist cult(s), attempted to start a movement with anarchist ideas (which are really a way of saying we don’t want any marxist/stalinist yuckiness). And other reasons…

I have since adopted the idea of the Ultra Far Left that will collide constructively with the old left (mostly CIA controlled, I would wager) and create a new core (The Red Fortyeight Group) that can without betrayal of basic communist principle, asap ‘neo-communism’, create a new and dynamic movement. Since I am too old to found a movement I can only suggest a series of platforms.

It is very late to start over, yet we must, as soon as possible. The issue is to create a superset of the marxist deadbeat canon, and to take the whole modern transition up to 1848 as the foundational ‘epic’ mists of time from which the left emerges to create a revolutionary adjustment of modernity and its instant capture by capitalism. There is more than one version of the modern and in terms of the end of history idea we see the problem with the capitalist ‘end of history’ scenarios. They just don’t work, and this still hasn’t sunk in, in part because the old left has made it impossible to discuss anything.
Look at my case: in a year of trying I can’t even exchange an email with a marxist. Total reign of silence, which is the first stage of psychic murder.

The old left still thinks positivist cliches form the nineteenth century are the sum of knowledge.

Is it hopeless?

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