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Azlan and the issue of old religions in a new era…

August 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

I am not going to be set up for a sufi critic of jews. Or any stupid attack on muslims. I am not a sufi and I fell no real sympathy for sufis or moslems, beyond the challenge/war against american imperialism, the expose of the 9/11 conspiracy, setting up moslems for the destruction of Islam, ….that’s quite a list.

I will take on Azlan on simpler grounds (I am not a celebrity and won’t receive an answer). The distortions of the american right are so infuriating that one can hardly fault Azlan et al.

The real issue is simpler, judaism, Xtianity and Islam are sliding into oblivion slowly but surely and we can see how xtians and moslems are being set up to tear each other to pieces.

Debates with Fox News hosts, Bill Maher and the Israeli front men, and the new atheists, are a waste of time. The real issue is that a mysterious new era is starting to recycle the remnants of the Axial Age. That simple.True or not, we see something that looks like it, and that has nothing to do with theological debates…

Mr. Azlan, I doubt your faith. None of my business. But you can doubt mine, and with Islam, beside the theological basket case of xtianity, we have an equally stupid form of god/monotheism in Islam, one that is controlled, like xtianity, by stupid sadists who think people who spit out its theology should be tortured. The whole game is shot as the verdict is universal torture. Time to call it all off.

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