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Time for a jewish exit strategy….plus, the idiocy and dishonest manipulation behind Facebook

August 2nd, 2015 · No Comments


We have produced some strong stuff on the jewish question over at The Gurdjieff Con. But this is not antisemitism: it is a valid set of critiques of judaism in modern and ancient history, an expose of jewish supremacism taken away from nutjobs and put on the left, a ‘j’accuse’ at the rogue state Israel and its fascist hidden control and destruction of american democracy. Beyond that the tiresome domination effect in so many fields is exhausting a whole culture and making everyone stupid. And jewish arrogance about their high intelligence is completely off the mark: jewish smarts is grossly overrated and has rather retarded many fields, such as darwinian biology where the domination of opinion has been destructive. jewish intelligence turned out to be highly flawed and completely limited when it comes to more complex tasks like an evolutionary paradigm shift. That at, least, is all I can think of when we look at the almost sordid resistance to dissent enforced by jewish culture nabobs in science and elsewhere… Nagel/Fodor I am sure sensed this and reacted with fine desperation.

I think it is a challenge to jews themselves to study their own will to power game and its whole nonsense, and total failure. And to see that their behavior has been destructive.

As far as Facebook is concerned (since it was a gentile invention ripped off by Zuckerberg we can hardly blame jews for its stupidity) it has become a trivial jewish supremacism idiocy hardly worth bothering with.
But let’s not let the jewish question distort a needed critique of this grotesque innovation in the name of ‘social media’. It is baffling how something so stupid could have been invented, projected, and then turned into a stealth capitalist profit machine. These things must be connected.
But the overall design of Facebook has always baffled me. Maybe it’s me. I signed up several years ago. But in the time since I have not made a single new friend of any kind, despite the articial ‘friending’ of the design, or had a discussion on any subject worth mentioning. The whole thing is a big zero to me. It’s place on the left has been misjudged. The brouhaha of the OWS for example had a Facebook presence but in hardly helped, and we can see the suspicious connection to covert agency work in Yugoslavia and Egypt. One smells a rat in all this talk about social media radicalism.

The framework of Facebook is a bizarre and perverted exploitation of ‘lonely’ (the modern socius in the public space with no resources) people with no vehicles of public expression. With multiple blogs and access to the cheap publication of books I see at once, via my indifference as not worth the bother the shallow pretense of Facebook. The mechanics manipulated to make people like this and commment that is stupid.
But I am not a sociologist of facebook and don’t really have the facts. I find the whole webspace almost baffling in its bizarre manipulations.

We have more important things to worry about.

The question of jews is in many way up to jews. I think the realization of the depth of the failure in Israel and the Jewish Lobby/Mossad let loose on american democracy has created a monster that all intelligent and honest jews will wish to evacuate. Jewish culture has no serious future save as an archaeology.

Time for a jewish exit strategy…
Gentiles can help by not being antisemitic but simply understanding the problem of handing over so many social institutions to jewish domination. It is really a mysterious conspiracy that noone understands.
And we have a terrible legacy here: the same thing began to happen in Weimar Germany, but started in the nineteenth century. Some spiritual lunatic core was darned if it was going to let a plague of jewish locusts destroy german culture. They ended up doing a worse job. German culture in the the early modern was one of the most creative phases of world history. Its destruction by rapacious jews who contributed nothing to the German Enlightenment produced insanity fed by esoteric groups, among them buddhists.

Americans needs to be aware of this, but not for any imitation. The American sphere is the final dumping grounds for the jewish piranha culture. We need to observe and be conscious of it, which will by itself undermine it. And be vigilant to the return of esoterica manipulation to hunt down the jews. But I don’t think anyone cares about Americans. They are so stupid they didn’t get any defenders. Let is be so. Americans are vulgar idiots who created nothing much, but they can solve this question once they perk up. But they don’t have to submit to Mossad fascism.
Again, antisemitism will confuse these issues, which require intelligent discrimination, and a simple refusal to be lowballed by the subtlety of jewish occultism, business whatever, cultural domination whatever, etc… A first step is to that that the Einstein myth is played out. Gentiles are the creative resource that made modernity. The impudent jewish snobbery to the effect that gentiles are stupid and deserve to be invaded and controlled is a total distortion. Look at Israel: it is a grotesque mediocrity in motion, a unique world-historical stupidity that noone can repair.

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