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The issue of germans and jews

August 3rd, 2015 · No Comments


This was strong stuff…As a matter of fact the German system suddenly shifted gears after the early modern, and its period creativity vanished into thin air, replaced by industrial/technical history, etc…
Such statements for readers of WHEE are two-edged swords: this era of massive creativity is something about which germans should feel proud but in the larger context of the macro effect it is not purely their doing; the modern transition and its ‘frontier effect’ is part of a larger macro process, the reason that German ‘deep innovation’ (technical etc innovation is something different, and economics is an irrelevant side category…) is so transitory…
You can see the difference in the descent from Kant/Hegel/Schopenhauer to Nietzsche: the latter has probably destroyed the connection to the original legacy….

Time for a jewish exit strategy…
Gentiles can help by not being antisemitic but simply understanding the problem of handing over so many social institutions to jewish domination. It is really a mysterious conspiracy that noone understands.
And we have a terrible legacy here: the same thing began to happen in Weimar Germany, but started in the nineteenth century. Some spiritual lunatic core was darned if it was going to let a plague of jewish locusts destroy german culture. They ended up doing a worse job. German culture in the the early modern was one of the most creative phases of world history. Its destruction by rapacious jews who contributed nothing to the German Enlightenment produced insanity fed by esoteric groups, among them buddhists.

Americans needs to be aware of this, but not for any imitation. The American sphere is the final dumping grounds for the jewish piranha culture. We need to observe and be conscious of it, which will by itself undermine it. And be vigilant to the return of esoterica manipulation to hunt down the jews. But I don’t think anyone cares about Americans. They are so stupid they didn’t get any defenders. Let is be so. Americans are vulgar idiots who created nothing much, but they can solve this question once they perk up. But they don’t have to submit to Mossad fascism.
Again, antisemitism will confuse these issues, which require intelligent discrimination, and a simple refusal to be lowballed by the subtlety of jewish occultism, business whatever, cultural domination whatever, etc… A first step is to that that the Einstein myth is played out. Gentiles are the creative resource that made modernity. The impudent jewish snobbery to the effect that gentiles are stupid and deserve to be invaded and controlled is a total distortion. Look at Israel: it is a grotesque mediocrity in motion, a unique world-historical stupidity that noone can repair.

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