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Jewish idea in reversal

August 4th, 2015 · No Comments


This was a form of gallows humor, but looking at global insanity the worst of it is Israel at this point, and the world would be better off with an other ‘exile’, if you can catch my drift. (I advocate no such thing)

Jews have failed to realize the significance of the old destruction of Israel, and certainly can’t see that modern Israel has created something worse.
The siege and destruction of Jerusalem, by David Roberts

The siege and destruction of Jerusalem, by David Roberts

– See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/08/baseless-jerusalem-destruction#sthash.6HNv6xdl.dpuf

The question of Iran is irrelevant here: it is an issue of concerned gentiles and jews and the colossal botched monstrosity of Israel, along with its fascist takeover of the US. How did we get here?

I call attention not to my views but to what I overhear: americans gave jews a break and lost their country…Germans destroyed all jews and….

We have reached this point, and jews don’t care. They have frittered away the whole good will and done everything that could justify all the old slanders against jews…

This is puzzling? Anyone looking at the persecution of jews would have thought jews would have gone out of their way to act nobly as historically. But the reality is the opposite. Jews are courting destruction…why? what is the psychology?
We need to be wary here: this phenomenon is manufactured stupidity disguised by the propaganda about jewish intelligence. And Israel has almost destroyed jewish intelligence.

It gets worse: Netanyahu and Israeli manufactured ‘devils’. Who is doing this? Jews should find out fairly soon: it is sabotage from within.
We see some of this starting with the nihilist Nietzsche cult in early Zionists,… But the similarity to the issue of jews trying to outplay Beelzebub in the Gurdjieff movement is one other clue.

I think jews in general are far better off working toward the phasing out of modern Israel, in its current form. It serves no purpose, will end by destroying still more jews, and will lead to the satanic reversal of judaism and its culture.

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