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Stopping early…the need for new historical gestalts…

August 5th, 2015 · No Comments

The thinking in World History and the Eonic Effect seems like bizarre, unscientific or speculative history, but while those elements are present in any history WHEE is really exempt because it proposes no theory but instead a ‘metanarrative’ based on an outline, like a book with three chapters….1. From Egypt/Sumer…2. In the wake of the Axial Age…3. the Rise of the modern…
This story can assume or delete dynamical hypotheses.

So to those who are critics of this book I would ask, how many books on history have you read? If the answer is less than a thousand then tell me how an outline with a related bibliographical set is any worse than the manufactured pulp produced by most history texts…

That is a bit arrogant, but I am not sure if I have read that many myself, browsed, of course, passing through stack space, many more.
My point is that we suffer from insufficient information to visualize history. The method in WHEE can help there…
The outline in WHEE can help to organize a platform to try and deal with the gaps in our knowledge.

The standard works are actually keeping you away from too much reading. The relevant works are of course dispersed in separate specialities. But that’s the point. An integrated view is needed, and it is never enough. That makes us ask, how can we solve this problem?

To matters worse we are indoctrinated with darwinism which creates a false impression almost complete in its disinfo. Darwinism is a theory for those that can only make sense to people who have never seen evolution: not surprising. Can anyone visualize or document the immense stretch of time behind the emergence of whales? Natural selection is a fake to disguise the fact that biologists have no theory of evolution.

the manufactured pulp produced by most history texts…

The whole genre of big history is basic a social conditioning racket: the material has no substance because history has no theory. This fact is disguised.

Recently we have seen a new twist: the book Sapiens by the Israeli author, in a manufactured bestseller. Be wary of this junk. After the Jewish lobby and the control the american government including the 9/11 propaganda machine these Mossad based culture programmers are getting more ambition. Getting away with 9/11 was an eye opener for many of the powerful in all shapes and sizes.

Now these creepy Israelis, having manufactured a new Isreali post-jewish identity, a people of exceptional stupidity and callousness, must want to do the same with Americans.
Don’t let these Israelis get away with the fantasy of being culture creators. Don’t do it.

A related ‘conspiracy’ is the attempt to rewrite modernity via Spinoza. A lot of jews trained in science know no better and are roped into this. Look at Jonathan Israel and then Stuart Kauffman (Reinventing the Sacred) and then a lot of others, like Pinker. They are so smart they must have gone off the meter and come back on the other side as retarded.

Spinoza would protest this. He is great classic was in many ways the classic straight pitch. Then the complexities emerged a century later in figures like Kant. In any case to try and lobotomize modernit and modern gentiles to create a new jewish dominated modernity created by jews is just the kind of stupidity that comes out of covert agencies like Mossad no doubt. But that’s not quite the center of gravity here. But these people having seen how easy it was to take over american politics and then stage 9/11 are going for the big one. Don’t let it happen…

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