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Dialectic of fatheism…

August 6th, 2015 · No Comments


First, we should note, again after many times here, that jewish critiques of religion as with the new atheists all too often give themselves away as jewish chauvinists attacking their hated nemesis xtianity. Their obsessive hypocritical critique of other religions conveniently ignores their hidden embrace of religion. We had that with Freud who was financially motivated to substitute the lucrative psychoanalysis where the exploitation of transference is a gold mine. The new atheists always leave the suspicion their angling in to dominate gentiles with some new business angle.

But in general the issue of faith is a difficult one. I am not an xtian with an xtian ‘faith’, the idea has been overstressed by misuse, but has a reasonable usage in the perspective of Kantian philosophy. In general people adopt faith in things that science tends to clearly bungle. A ‘derivation’ by indirect ‘common sense’ of a belief in free agency in the context of moral behavior uses a variant of ‘fatheism’ (although it doesn’t help now to use the term ‘faith’). And this ‘faith’ is not a religious dogma and can be questioned at any time. The variants are many. Wny is free agency so false if are forced to act on its assumptions?
Thee arguments may be uncertain, but they are not refuted by the atheist challengers to fatheism.

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