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Homo sapiens and murder one/genocide…innocent til proven guilty

August 6th, 2015 · No Comments


All these speculations that homo sapiens eliminated neanderthal with glib indifference tend to suffer moral paralysis (confronted with a very difficult question). Let us note that murder/genocide are illegal and that speciation would thus be a set of crimes. Can’t we apply a dose of Nietzsche change the rules and let man off? Man has let man off, but has the universe? Is there a ‘crime unpunished’ in a cosmic record, and are there consequences in the outcome of man as he is? Earlier men knew it, and the legacy of ‘original sin’, garbled and almost primitive, suggest the unconscious realization that man is dysfunctional in these areas.
The whole purpose of darwinism is of course to anesthetize us here. But the problem of evolving a moral sense makes no sense in the way it is taken…
Man put on trial: case for the defense: we have no observers of record for these crimes, homo being innocent til proven guilty. The non-evidence of genocide competes with the long periods of time. And so on.
Does the universe remember? Is there a karma?. The latter has been debunked many times. But in the age of accelerating ‘big data’ systems makes us change our thinking on ‘memory’. I personally would suspect there is an a hidden logic of the universe that may record its histories.
Man will perhaps be found out. What is man’s future as a suspected murder one species? He needs to re-speciate beyond this by another route. As yet, a murky future will not tell. The aliens must know. We should soon know and ask to be read our rights.

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