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Booknotes: The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power

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This kind of analysis is important, and the book is important, but it is also true that magazines like Dissent are part of the problem, next to the progression of post-Trotskyite neo-cons who systematically sabotaged the left in ways they can’t figure out.

I think that the OWS was a suspiciously fake movement, and it would be nice to find out how that happened.

Looking at the Bernie Sanders phenomenon we see another problem. I can see a lot from the traffic here. With my Last and First Men it surged massively for a year plus. Then the mood changed as people like Sanders edged out a leftist view such as mine. I had a similar experience with the OWS, of surge and tiding out.
I can see that my take will be in limbo until after the election next year. Or later, to realize that the next prez, if a dem, will be another Obama, or some such twist.

After watching the republican prez campaigns I think it should be reiterated (after these debates I feel downright spaced out: I am in the wrong country and have no further status as a citizen, except legally) this system is simply off the meter in the dead zone. Hoping for a Sanders miracle is soaking up the energy for something revolutionary.

But I have also found that the old left sits like an old dog in the way of all those trying to think in terms of postcapitalism and its revolutionary basis. And after the legacy of Bolshevism you have about a minute to keep attention by starting with a clear disavowal of prior failure. But the prejudice that communism is a./b./c. and therefore impossible is false. It is no more nor less utopian than capitalism, and in the reversal of terms the absurdities of capitalism are starting to neutralize a century of the critique of marxism.

We need a new post marxism, a communist platform with a working system, a new class analysis, a new Universal class to take up the slack of the working class, and a new ism without the name marx, a new postjewish/exjewish culture zone for jews seeking an exit from bourgeois oblivion, possibly a global/religious study nexus to lead beyond the cement block materialism that made communism detested by billions for its wrapper. A neo-communism must disown Cuba and China. They are not communist and China has turned into a monster of capitalism. Hey guys, learn from China’s mistakes.
Marx’s criticism of jews moderated somewhat is still relevant. In any case Marx was not jewish while marxism is a victim of jewish supremacism.
Marx made the point that jews must be wary of stalling the left with jewish identity issues (he was an ex-Christian). Exactly the problem now.
There’s a lot more there. Should we nationalize Dissent magazine? Probably unnecessary.

Getting radical is like a field where they changed the password and you can’t get inside. But the mood is beset with many compromised situations. People are drugged by the system in ways that confuse them completely.

I worked in labor pools across the west for decades but when I turned 65 I discovered I got exactly one day’s pay recorded on the Social Security fund for all those years. In all three hundred or so dollars a month of social security, mostly for work in the peace corps in the sixties, and a year driving a cab in new york (still with a good union). Those labor pools systematically cheated millions and got away with it. That makes you realize the basis of radicalism in the nineteenth century. People had nothing. Now with a little they lose steam and sign up for Netflix.

I think the issue is neo-communism, so original all garbage of marxism, leniinism, stalinism will cease to obsess and be upgraded and/or left behind.

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