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Human evolution and the immaturity of man in the uncontrolled explosion of capitalism

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From Life’s Origin to The Dawn of Human Culture

The macro effect in world history gives us a major clue, no more, to the potential scenarios for the evolution of man. We should be clear we don’t have enough evidence for a full theory. But the ‘macro’ effect shows how a directed process somehow induced, yet carried out by man, can, within the span of ten to twelve thousand years transform a whole planet in the emergence of higher civilization, with an ambiguous transformation of the human framework itself, perhaps.
The earlier evolution of homo sapiens/erectus, and there seems to be a clear ‘stepping’ relationship of the two, tucked away in African sectors fairly easily cast as isolated core zones for species transformation, is actually simpler in some ways than the development of global civilization. However the transformations required for homo sapiens are still too complex for us to understand, what to say of their evolution.
When we study the Axial Age in its larger context we see, like it or not, a field of transformation that acts over parallel regions, and is the clear source of new religions, but also clearly produces the early version of ‘secularism’ we see in the Greek Enlightenment in the midst of massive transformations of the Greek archaic. Seeing this we should repent of simplistic natural selection arguments.

The whole thing in both cases, early man, and the rise of civilization, show the realization of the abstract ‘punctuated equilibrium’, here meaning that hominization to sapiens despite continuity factors longstanding was probably brief and abrupt, followed by the rough stasis we see in the African diaspora up to the Neolithic. A similar analog shows that man has not yet stabilized his take on ‘civilization’ and that the major upgrade to modernity, after many before it, shows man still unsteady, and intoxicated to dumbness and irrationality by the rise of capitalism. Man received a mysterious help in the surpassing of slavery, but is left with the dynamics of capitalism as a sort of drunkard of the economic spree created by Industrial Revolution technologies. That man is empowered without the wisdom to deal with such elementary factors as climate change shows the still out of control factors of human consciousness. IN a mystery of the macro effect, a double dialectic of capitalism/communism appeared in tandem at the point of the ‘divide’ shown in that model (the short interval around 1800) and by 1848 we see a response to its twin capitalism in the emergence of attempts to prophesy and reckon the end of capitalism.
It is important to see the larger picture because sociologists often suffer the delusion that economies are the key factor in culture. The obvious counter of the socialist spectrum was to see that capitalism would rapidly become a problem.
We see that capitalism is a secondary process embedded in human development, and that its out of control character is a sign of the still primitive character of man.

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