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The failure of theory to base itself on observing deep time

August 15th, 2015 · No Comments

One of the points in WHEE is to consider the way that evolutionary durations vary along the scale of life and none of them corresponds, as Fred Hoyle noted, to the expected pattern of random evolution.
IN the timelines below (pretty crude) we can see that darwinian accounts are incoherent. But more than that they fail on the issue of observation.

To record ‘evolution’ in history (as the development of civilization), we must specify (write books) on ‘what happened’, and this changes as writing comes into existence. But the point is clear that a record of ten thousand years since the Neolithic and/or five thousand years since the higher phase of Dynastic Egypt/Sumer around 3000. That’s a lot of books, but we can manage. Most of all we assume naturally that we must have data at each point that tells us ‘what happened’.

Now consider the evolution of whales: 15 million years???? That’s a lot of books, which don’t exist, which can’t exist. We would need those books to record that at each stage a change took place by natural selection. That’s nuts. We don’t have such observations.
We infer, since we wish to cover our tracks with an account of some kind, that natural selection did it all. A complete speculation.
No matter how often you point this out, it doesn’t register….And it is not plausible that natural selection is the answer…

Scientists are breaking the no-brainer rule of historians: assuming something happened without a record of the events…

3 timelines:

world history, very rough, span, 10K years

….________8000+BCE:neolithic_____3000BCE (invention of writing)________…600 BCE___________________Now

human evolution….

…homo erectus..1-2 million???_________________________200K…great explosion, how long?…200k_homo sapiens

evolution of species X, viz whales…
…________________15 my????

Whale evogram

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