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The simplicity of the macro argument

August 16th, 2015 · No Comments


Many fail to realize how simple the basic argument is for the ‘macro’ effect. We are blessed by the evidence in world history of a variant solution to the enigma of evolution. The term ‘evolution’ in darwinism is highly protected/defended, but in reality it makes no sense and can’t stand, as random evolution.

The simplest conclusion is that world history shows a non-random pattern. The Axial Age shows the clearest case. This in turn drives us to consider its real meaning, in a larger pattern…
We arrive at an incomplete but striking pattern of ‘driven evolution’.
What does ‘evolution’ mean here? it is simply another term for ‘non-random patterning’ associated with development. This is not a theory of ‘evolution’ but an empirical pattern of ‘evolution.’
We are done.

A non-random pattern in visible world history is disastrous for darwinism. The latter assumes that since non-random patterning (evolution) is impossible they can confidently assume (darwinian) evolution is the only possibility. But the argument fails.

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