History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Can current science ever get ‘evolution’ straight? I doubt it….the new paradigms are as junky as the old…

August 17th, 2015 · 1 Comment


Looking at the history of modern science we can see, or suspect, that with the passage from physics to biology science failed to take the jump into the new subject. Figures on the sidelines, like Kant, noticed all this and tried to critique the situation. But this contribution has been sidelined.

How science got stuck on Darwinism is a curious tale, but a close look shows that the starting point of modern biology produced superior insight, which then regressed to the dumb-head stage of Darwin’s theory. Actually this was probably Wallace’s theory, and he unwitting sent natural selection theory on its way trying to answer a larger question. A temporary assumption of natural selection allowed him to solve the problem of divergence. But he soon realized that while the basic format of his theory was right, natural selection was too simplistic.

Figures like Lamarck saw the basic form of an evolutionary theory, while Kant (and to some extent Hume) say that a teleological methodology was needed. But this was beyond the capacity of the generation of Darwin…

Modern science has frittered away its credibility on its tenacious clinging to reductionist evolutionism, and its seems alike a bad habit impossible to break.

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