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Evolution…a basic crib sheet

August 17th, 2015 · No Comments

If you are frustrated by darwinism, you can try something very different: there is a high probability that the ‘macro’ model of WHEE has most of the missing pieces of a theory of evolution.

Consider a few: the macro (or ‘eonic’) model

shows two levels, macro and micro

shows directionality in a sequence of driver-transitions

has form factors that influence this directionality as specific constructs (organisms/organs/species) are influenced toward non-random change (we are being careful to remain vague on this one!)

these transitions shape the future of the given biological entities

there must be a problem with partial results of transitions…the historical version of WHEE shows fully formed entities coming into being in rough outline
: like computer programming, a basic program must not crash, it ‘works’. It can then be remorphed to any given level of complexity…

a series of transitions is like punctuations in a series with relative stasis in between (macro and micro)

evolution of species must have a field effect that can amplify changes in small organisms to a species level over a region

there is a lot more here, but this list shows some inklings as to a real theory. Such a theory is obvious far more complex than anything in human technology…

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