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Was judeo-xtianity an occult swindle…?

August 20th, 2015 · No Comments

Judaism needs to die an honorable death as a universal religion. Why not let 5 million Africans, South Americans, Asians, Pacificans, European/American Gentiles ++ enter judaism to give it a washout into universality in a dignified endgame.
The category definition via jewish mothers is a true demonic trick. It should be abolished, if not made illegal.

Judaism was the gateway to a first universal religion. Now it is a completely dated form of cancerated religion used to pursue geopolitical evils that will end by destroying the whole American civilization…

By feeding this vampire xtianity condemns itself to its swift abolition, and the search for a new religious future.

Go look at the Hollywood movies of Judaic/Xtian history: they are unmatched for stupidity, fraud, and now commercial venality. They make obvious that the ‘image’ of Jesus was a confused hotchpotch from the start.

IN an age of figures like Aleister Crowley people are snapping out of xtian/judaic hypnosis (the alternative is far worse, the Crowley junk is true poison) and sensing that judeo-xtianity was an occult swindle run by hidden spiritual operators:

What are we to say of a ‘religion’ split in two with one section based on a covenental class division, the exterior mob of gentiles treated as religious cattle with a pop religion based on lies, myths, and political propaganda, and religious inferiority noone could ever repair, leading to an endgame in which the dynamics of the whole two-in-one leads to what we see now: a will to power game based on the fraud of Israel, the destruction of american democracy, and the transfer of spiritual energy to the dominant class effect.

The solution is for xtians to walk away from the whole swindle, a truly staggering swindle two millennia in preparation. You owe this religion nothing. It has nothing to do with god, and is a liability to all those too innocent to grasp this subtle brand of the spiritual vampire…
Say goodbye to all that. Xtains are doomed to end heartbroken and diminished in essence by this fantastic super theft and of the overman game disguised as religion.

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