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Jesus Christ is not your personal savior…face reality, he never heard of you…//the status of ‘Munzerian Xtianity’

August 21st, 2015 · No Comments


It is harsh to say, but it is better to warn the billion victims of false xtian promises. How could a lonely spirit from the astral plane have personal knowledge of billions of people?

But the answer to the new atheists should also be to point out that if you abandon religion you must still reckon with the spiritual domain, alone. They wish to simply negate the spiritual domain and get everyone to play ostrich.

I am sorry to say it, but ‘Jesus’ was a human prophet who died, and then….? supervised the spiritual life of a billion people over two millennia?…we have to face the reality of this swindle and note that religions such as buddhism, for all their faults, did not peddle fake salvation.

Looking at the Reformation we see xtianity moving into a new era, and in the process being streamlined and adapted to a secular era, that is, the process that created the modern transition, in the context of the macro model. That means the process behind the Reformation, the rise of modern science, the emergence of modern politics are all of a piece. The nature of xtianity changes its character and is perhaps on the way to being absorbed into a new religious future. The notion of a communist xtianity of Munzer is a part of this generalization.

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