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Kant’s challenge resolved in WHEE’s ‘macro’ model

August 21st, 2015 · No Comments

The macro model is a triple play that connects the solution to the riddle of the Axial Age to Kant’s request for an insight into nature’s ‘plan to history’ and the connection of history and evolution in the solution to these puzzles…

…Since the philosopher cannot presuppose any [conscious] individual purpose among men in their great drama, there is no other expedient for him except to try to see if he can discover a natural purpose in this idiotic course of things human. In keeping with this purpose, it might be possible to have a history with a definite natural plan for creatures who have no plan of their own.
We wish to see if we can succeed in finding a clue to such a history; we leave it to Nature to produce the man capable of composing it. Thus Nature produced Kepler, who subjected, in an unexpected way, the eccentric paths of the planets to definite laws; and she produced Newton, who explained these laws by a universal natural cause.

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