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The abuse of Xtianity for Israeli propaganda spells the doom of the whole religion

August 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


The abuse of Xtianity for Israeli propaganda spells the doom of the whole religion. At this point an intelligent exit strategy could help, but the current world of so-called secularists and scientists is incapable of it. And jewish chauvinists are licking their chops to create a substitute they can control. From psychoanalysis to the new atheism we have seen this phenomenon of jewish wolf packs circling the wounded xtianity. But in fact the new atheism is so second rate it can’t fool the bill.
Nothing in the old and new testaments justified/justifies this abuse of religious history for israeli/american fascist imperialism.
A dignified exit strategy has already been provided: the early modern generation of the Reformation which created a kind of holding zone, and then the modern transition diffused outward in a vast spectrum of balanced opposites, from German Classical philosophy, the real endgame for the Reformation, to science, religious histories and archaeology, the rise of modern politics, liberalism to communism, interaction with global religion, the new age movements, and much else.
Xtianity gets a lot of condescension from ‘secularists’ but as a religion it has a subtle core that eludes correct understanding. It is related to our distinction of the ‘paths of will’ and the ‘paths of being’ we have pursued over at The Gurdjieff Con. But its subtleties are likely to die with the religion.
And ‘esoteric’ gangster sufis like Gurdjieff with their bullshit about esoteric xtianity are going to make the whole game deadly. Quietly walk away…
The problem is the way social agencies will try to create ideologies they can control via the rapidly developing mindcontrol methods of modern business and social science research. Here the marxist left produced a perspective that has backfired: the early forms of secular humanism adopted the most atrophied forms of the modernist cultural universe. It has not proven adequate. It would be good if the left could start over and provide a genuine exit strategy from the realm of Xtian legacies and the jewish/israeli vampire endgame.

If xtians exit xtianity they should demand full assimilation from jews. There is no other solution. Failure to see this by jews (although a rising core in consternation is starting to see the point) has produced the hidden fascist take over of american politics by israelis.

Americans have to face the abortion they have created. They are close to being doomed as a civilization.

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