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Zizek, communism //general liquidation sequence: Red Fortyeight Group: Zizek on trial for bullshit…

August 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNIpJBGskdw: Slavoj Zizek The Idea of Communism and its Actuality
I am sorry, I find it very hard to listen through with Zizek’s videos such as this.
Zizek has sadly been ill-served by the generation of postmodernism, psychoanalysis, and a set of philosophies that are rapidly passing away, along with postmodernism (of which Zizek was critical)…
The early citation of Fukuyama can have this response from Last and First Men: communism needs more democracy and democracy needs more communism…
Freud, Lacan…psychoanalysis’ time has passed (as AntiOedipus made obvious thirty years ago)…
Since I am probably destined to be liquidated in the next abortion of pseudo-communism, I will be less than polite in this area…Two previous candidates are Chomsky and Hedges…We have redefined ‘liquidation’ several times here. The basic meaning may prevail.

Looking at Zizek’s work, I have to assume his thinking would lead to Stalinism. Nothing has changed in the presentation of marxism, except the addition of oulala Hegelian bon mots, totally incomprehensible, along with most of Zizek’s ‘rockstar’ spiel. Pretentious idiot. Dialectical materialism is not a serious subject at this point.
I can find nothing of any real value in Zizek. The same crap is repeddled with Hegelian obscurity over and over again.

We have one strike left with communism. We should have two but the legacy of bolshevism essentially finished the subject. I refer therefore to a neo-communism that has remade the subject:
We need a radical break with the marxist dogma machine, historical materialism, Marx’s theories, and a new formulation that is able to produce a neo-communism with a theory of economics, a model for a new economics, a legal transition from liberalism to commnunism that will not, cannot, deviate into the coup d’etat of the psychopaths that took over the Russian Revolution. The entire marxist/leninist cadre needs to be bypassed: the public will not consider anything less. Current marxists are so confused by Capital they can’t deal with the new economics that arose to mystify them.

The new communism needs to be something that the members of current democracies can recognize as increasing their freedoms in a form of economy that is a genuinely populist mediator of jobs, education, psychological development, religious philosophic freedom, etc… The abolition of private property needs to be carried out in a carefully monitored sequence that can mediate its contradictions and perhaps create a series of transitions. After all, the control of the out of control bolshevism could think of nothing better than the mass murder of capitalists.

The civil war starts now: but the general liquidation sequence can be coopted as an intellectual dialectic by true secular humanists, ex-buddhists, ex-xtians, former marxists, etc… The set of persons now stuck in the marx cult needs to yield to a new generation that won’t put up with anything that could lead to a stalinist outcome….

The basic issue is simple: communism needs more democracy and democracy needs more communism…

some observations…

‘marxism’ is an historical legacy and a boundary for compromise temptations, but not much more. Marx was brilliant, but just as brilliantly crippled the subject at the start. It was the context of the times, with its positivism, scientism, and reductionism. The result left a subject allergic to simple free agency. Historical materialism miscast the whole subject in contrast to idealism, after one of the most brilliant eras for idealism in the sequence from Kant/Schopenhauer to Hegel.
The subject was pegged ‘marxism’ in a cult of the dogmatic star, Marx, who was has left the subject prey to jewish supremacism, and outright snobbery, even given the reality that Marx was an ex-Christian, and not technically jewish. The whole subject has been turned into a form of humiliation for gentiles, starting with Engels who had to play lickspittle to the ‘Jewish’ (Christian) genius at work.
The left needs a project of Israel critique, and a way to help jews fulfill their historic ‘semi-eugenic’ destiny in the wake of the passing of jewish culture. The left in that context can pass from a jewish supremacist failure to a new culture of the future.

Capital is a cement block riddled with confused thinking, writers’ block and a strange neurotic delay in its production. It should have appeared a few years after 1848. The best strategy is to not read it, and stick with the early economic manuscripts, and the Communist Manifesto.
The tour de force leading up to the German Ideology and historical materialism is a true epic saga, but the tenor of historical materialism antagonizes too many now. I for one find this issue potentially irrelevant, not so the billions of theists in the world who won’t consider any longer an atheist ideology. The only option is to mediate theistic fanaticism, and create a neutral basis for religions in a new robust redefinition of secularism on the basis of that true ‘age of revelation’, the rise of modernity.

The left should adopt an intelligent dialogue with the world’s religions to be able to bot critique its legacy and welcome its millions into a socialist future.

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