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Losing my patience with xtianity, islam

August 24th, 2015 · No Comments


We have had a series of posts on an islamic reformation, and the article above at The Guardian is very good. The macro model in WHEE:history-and-evolution.com shows why the example of the Protestant Reformation won’t work.

But at the same time I think Moslems should not be complacent about the future of islam: it is going to pass away, along with xtianity, and I am not sure why, but the process is well underway. To make matters worse, I suspect that there is a covert US strategy to use the war on Terror to destroy Islamic civilization. And Islamic civilization took the bait on the ‘war on terror’ and the psychopaths at the CIA are still chuckling.

But speaking in general, and personally, I am losing my patience on the question of xtianity and islam. I have come to a point of writing off thirty years of involvement with sufism as a dead loss. I am sick of sufism, sufis, the gang wars of sufis, the occult dangers of the subject, the total botch of the core ‘seed plexus’ phenom of the sufis and the refusal to offer even a trace of help, etc…I got the message: go fuck yourself. Come on guys. But I got the message, we’re not friends. Reading Rumi shouldn’t lead to Sufi Mephistopheles. Forget it. Buddhism is more intelligent by any measure. I can’t evade the checkmate sound in the fact that I know more about sufism than most sufis, have never really met any sufis, and am unwelcome in any sufi situation (I am of course not a moslem and was assured it was not indicated, not so).
I don’t want anything more to do with sufis, period. Ditto for Islam probably.

But personal issues don’t mean much. The larger reality is that noone is going to bother with a reformation: they want the whole enchilada. The global predators at work now are rubbing islamic noses in their islamic lunch. You have to win at least one battle, or get smart and evacuate.

I think therefore intelligent muslims should be thinking about a dangerous future down the pike and find a way to either blend into modernity or find a truly creative future beyond the future. Westerners can barely handle their own modern future, the future beyond the future sounds like more of the same apocalyptic postmodern blow all circuits idiocy that has wrecked the new age movement. Modernity is evil, etc…

What’s the big deal about Islam? C’mon, tell me. I am very unknowledgeable about Islam. I just bought a 99 cent Kindle book on Sharia Law, to start off my research. Is it fair for people with no knowledge of a subject to deal with its future? No, it’s not, but they will anyway, and may decide the question, because they are committed to modernity.
Looking at WHEE (World History and The Eonic Effect) one can see the ambiguous position of Islam. What’s the verdict of that historical model?
Islam was a proto-medieval response to the fall of the Roman Empire and attempted an unprecedented (but with xtianity/Israelitism pioneering ‘jihad’) mixture of gnosticism and military conquest, an ill-fated prospect. The immense but incomplete success in creating a global oikoumene has generated the illusion of a success that wasn’t really there. And after the sicteenth century the jig was up.

I think nineteenth century moslems close to being ex-moslems understood the problem better: they were on the verge of modernization and then something strange happened to undo that.

There are a lot of ways Islamic culture could remorph into a version of modernity (skip the Reformation) that could be a creative contribution to its project. But at this point the Israeli menace makes everything seem hopeless. Now we have to deal with that first. The answer is NOT jihad. Jihad is controlled by the State Department, along with the 9/11 conspiracy. How about a simple modernist style revolutionary guerilla movement with a postmarxist flavor, and something better than ISIS idiocy (probably again controlled by the State Department).

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