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Marxist left enclosed in cultic terminal rigor mortis…it cannot meet the future…

August 24th, 2015 · No Comments

In its current form marxism is unusable and that means it won’t get a second chance in its current form. The mechanical sluggishness of the marxist movement is almost too great to overcome. Endless conferences, endless books, and then consider someone like myself: some fairly straightforward criticisms and the result is total obstracism. I find that unsettling. I can’t be that bad. This is latent stalinism and more directly cultic mentality unable to move out of a set of mental habits. If you completely waste the time of someone who tries to provide intelligent discussion I think you are ‘finished’.


Look at the difficulties Sanders is having, more, those he will encounter. The idiots of capitalism have won the propaganda game. That’s pathetic.

Marxism needs to be replaced with a robust set of legal, literary, economic, philosophic upgrades. The model for that can be the dialectic, a real dialectic, very simple: marxist historical materialism is an affirmation, then undergoes critique, and this leads to a new formulation, here one that in my terms is a larger superset of the starting point in being a way to examine a whole civilization…

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