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Beating moslems over the head with the reality of rogue sufism…if neo-liberals an privatize prisons why can’t dark side sufis privatize hell? Good, I’ve scared you…

August 27th, 2015 · No Comments


I have tried in vain to clarify the dark side of sufism, but the wall of silence is total, and the ignorance of moslems as to their own religion is too embarrassing to discuss in public. The fact has to be faced that most of the relevant sufi issues have landed in the hands of non-moslem westerners, while all sorts of creepy westerners have tried to leverage sufi occultism for clever new forms of evil. Cf. the legacy of Gurdjieff and his near-doppelganger Gold.

For me the situation is beyond intolerable. It is just sick. SICK. I am the son of a Protestant minister, and approached the sufi idea via Idries Shah’s works with an expectation that the world of Rumi et al would actually be a spiritual subject.

But after thirty years of watching sufi gangsters threatening life, using black magic, trying to experiment on the unconscious, trying to create experimental diseases, making a mockery of conventional moslems and sufis behind their backs, I no longer take a benign view of this ism. I think Idries Shah was embarrassed by his own books: he knew the reality was quite different.

In the climax to muddle we have the question of the seed plexus phenom of esoteric sufis, the confusion over which is beyond belief, and as I am realizing very dangerous. I have tried for more than two decades to view a source of wise sufi advice to ask one simple question in faq mode. Impossible. I must be such a peon they don’t communicate with such as I. Worse, I suspect that this has degenerated into entrapment. I fear sufi dark occultists in the know can imprison the unsuspecting pious in a form of spiritual soul slavery which can be a truly horrific in the hands of psycopaths. How did psychopaths ever get into this area? Go read Gurdfjieff, you see the stages of madness in the explicit defense of being a demon with ambiguous remarks on being ‘evil’.

I fear the worst: private hells created with sufi ripped off techniques to enslave the unsuspecting pious for ‘torture baraka’ and other forms of spiritual caviar for degenerates, and what degenerates…Sufi demons, I’d say. not on their driver’s license.

In my case they show no interest. I had my portion ripped off in a ‘thieves of baraka’ game of exceptional cruelty, but I think the phenom is like silly putty and a piece returns…But I think in my case the result is so damaged and so riddled with the vibes of PTSD noone would mess with it. Sigh of relief. It will automatically be stripped away in the bardo transit, or so I am told…

But that leaves the question of any number of unsuspecting ‘sufi’ (idiots on the sidelines conned into pious association) fringe/exoteric dupes vulnerable to being preyed on. What a nightmare. Are there any spiritual police? Given the fact that 99% of moslems are unaware of this aspect of their own religion I wouldn’t exactly bet on it.

But there are people who could observe or at least sense something of this, enlightened men, perhaps…That’s the danger of sufism: people think they are getting spiritual but don’t even medidate. They are in reality going nowhere at all and can’t develop psychic self-defense…

This silent scandal is so grotesque I think it is time to move toward shutting down Islam. Time to move on….

I am sorry to sound Islamophic, but it is not phobia. It is downright paranoia, and I think this is shared by many moslems…
And I think someone in the American system decades ago encountered the dark side of Islam/sufism and was the source of the ‘hidden war’ against Islam that we see repeatedly savaging moslem cultures.

Good, I’ve scared you….but being scared here isn’t good enough. This is REALLY SCARY…

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