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Dawkins, a wretched life of one completely fooled…

August 28th, 2015 · No Comments

The realm of the Dawkins delusion is a mysterious puzzle. Its dogmatism, personality worship, and bad science combine to produce a massive social ideology that makes anyone who wishes science well wince.

It is not hard to expose the fallacies behind darwinism, but decade after decade Dawkins proceeds oblivious to the weakness of his position. We will have to redefine wretchedness when this bubble finally bursts…

Where once the humanists and philosophers were cocks of the cultural walk, now Dawkins can claim without argument that there are “deep philosophical questions that only science can answer”. There are no mysteries, just as-yet-unsolved scientific problems: “Life is just bytes and bytes and bytes of digital information.” The culture wars are over; science has won and Dawkins is confident that he has played a non-trivial role in that victory. Surveying the enormous change in the public prestige of science since CP Snow’s The Two Cultures (1959), he takes satisfaction that his books have been “among those that changed the cultural landscape”. Snow complained that, for some unfathomable reason, scientists were not counted as “intellectuals”. That has all changed. In 2013, readers of Prospect magazine voted Dawkins the world’s “top thinker”.

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