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WHEE another book for secular humanists…

August 31st, 2015 · No Comments


WHEE should have been the fan book for secular humanists, if not the new atheists, but somehow the contraction in the views of humanists due to scientism made that impossible. The sitaution can always change.
The point: WHEE, despite passing through a thicket of seeming ‘design’ scenery strictly excludes ‘god’ explanations for history starting with a ruthless treatment thus of the Old Testament period.
The book adopts the view, to put it one way, that ‘nature’ is far more complex than we realize and generates the illusion of design in multiple aspects.
The joker in the deck is that ‘man’ is a designer inside nature and there might be more advanced forms of intelligence in nature, from aliens to demiurgic powers that do what man does but with far more advanced technology. That said, mathematical constructs exist for design, teleology, and such, so it is an issue between logically real and realizably real in practice, whatever that means.

In any case, the rise of the modern despite the Reformation gives western civilizations an open gate for repressed atheism which starts exploding in seventeenth century.

The point in general is that while the Old Testament period of Israel in the Axial period (we can’t call the Abraham to Moses myths historical, although they reflect some kind of actual history) seems to give a foundation (the ‘age of revelation’) to theism, the modern period in an close analog gives an opposite foundation, or a least a theatre for atheist views. Modern men suddenly became sick of theological thinking and it has been on the defensive since end of the Thirty Years War, which cast a spell of exhaustion as to religious questions.
Secular humanists would be on much stronger ground if they ditched darwinism (but embracing evolution). WHEE can help there…

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