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An xtianity that can bypass the new atheists…

September 11th, 2015 · No Comments

Source: Loftus has a brand new book « Why Evolution Is True

There is something almost cruel in these obsessive debunk jobs done on xtianity, and they represent a form of ignorance, a refusal to study history, a religion of scientism, and much else.

I think xtians should learn to defend themselves here. I am not an xtian, and am not a theist, …or atheist. But I think the spiritual core of xtianity remains irregardless of our beliefs. What is that core? we remain unsure, but it revolves around the spiritual nature of reality, a higher materiality… It appeared in the Roman Empire at a moment of social crisis and moved to create a new man. Judge for yourself: the man of the Roman games and the man of the late medieval world in the Occident…The cause and effect with religion can be debated, but to declare religion to be evil is a monumental distortion. It’s hard to grasp why the new atheists throw away their case with such stupidities.

I think that for reasons to do with the passage to a new era, not to theological issues, the religions of judaism/xtianity are moving beyond themselves. That doesn’t require atheism as secularism but the legacy of theism is in fact confused.
Let’s consider a religion of transition that isn’t confused by the idiocy of the new atheists:

Faith is the core of xtianity, but it is a corrupted concept. Drop ‘faith’ until you have read Kant on the subject. You may never finish any of his books, so faith is out of the door
Consider xtianity in rough outlines: its overall history is a mysterious ‘miracle’ while all its ‘miracles’ seem dated myths now. This is better than faith: we have a based of rough historical fact: the history of xtianity, without fudging.

So drop faith, allow xtianity without faith in ‘god’. The irony is that god nonsense once out the door new forms of ‘god’ thought suddenly arrive. You can tell yourself: not this again: concepts of god are not the right approach: you can make ‘god’ a theme done in silence, a meditation, a new form of prayer (the one that always existed) without childishness, a pantheistic oneness, a higher principle of ethics. Xtians will resist this: they take ‘god’ as a ‘being’ with a ‘will’ in nature. We can easily compromise here: make that an hypothesis. No sooner did modernity try to banish ‘god’ than Schopenhauer, an atheist, reconceived the Will in Nature, beyond the realm of the manifest phenomenon. The net equivalent of the theistic ‘will’ reappeared in less than five minutes of skepticism. So just roll with the punches. Respect the challenge to the ‘being god with a will’ and let the mood of skepticism play itself out. The new atheist version is so sophmoric you might skip it.
There is a lot to say here. But from this perspective the new atheists can’t touch you.
Respect and study science, but it is clear from Kantian studies its limits are clear, just as with religion.

I think that you should be mindful that xtianity will pass: try to work from the Reformation to an xtianity that can defined a true secularism…More to say on that later.

But this approach, to be an xtian atheist, with no ‘faith’ in the useless nonsense of the new testament can help to free thought to a real spirituality…

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