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Despite the polite interest in Sanders, we are actually far beyond electoral politics…

September 29th, 2015 · No Comments

Despite the polite interest in Sanders, we are actually far beyond electoral politics. Prove me wrong. A Sanders victory would be a remarkable moment, but…
The gangsters in this government and that of Israel (Saudi?)have committed a crime so monstrous our current form of government has been essentially destroyed. And it must be replaced. The left must stop twiddling its thumbs and prepare for that because the moment of ‘replacement’ is treacherous. The left must recreate a post-marxist canon that can give people confidence that it can do something better than slide into neo-Stalinism. That confidence is not there now. So the burden is on the left to start from scratch. Much of the marxist canon is relevant here, but the whole thing was a botch. Stop the Marx worship and face the reality: the Second Internationale shows the obvious, a bungled job. And on top of that the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat spread like a tare into the whole gambit. The term was a misfortune and a slick fraud. It won’t fool people a second time. A neo-communist left must offer something really sophisticated on all fronts, economic theory, liberal critique and reconstructing core liberal rights in a post capitalist system, are two of the areas where the ball was fumbled the last time. The ‘last time’ is nonsense. The future can only be the ‘first time’, a first….and it must be failsafed against the inevitable coup of the tough guys who will try to do it the wrong way with an elite, secret police, etc…

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