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The Nietzche merry-go-round…rebirth of tragedy from a cookie monster gone mad

September 29th, 2015 · No Comments

The question of Nietzsche is treacherous, but here the issue is the issue of transcendental idealism, a major innovation that can’t be dismissed, and a complicated new perspective inherited from Plato and philosophy’s deepest legacy. Nietzsche looks brilliant but he is influenced by Lange and is really a figure in an ironic relation to scientism. The noumenon/phenomenon can’t be thrown out in the name of simplistic science which is now a gang of string theorists slowing losing their minds. Beyond that Nietzche indulges in some poor scholarship and didn’t get the question of the jews right. Etc…We need to confront the hypercomplexity of German classical philosophy starting with Kant, after Berkeley, Descartes et al.
Beyond that Nietzsche is the ‘road to amateur evil’ for a lot of careless readers who blunder through his ‘beyond good and evil’ into some dubious post-ethical delusion. And his influence is not good: look at the neo-cons and Zionists. People of high intelligence leading social groups into gross muddles. And there are more than that. Plus the connection to Nazism won’t go away.

My use of the term ‘downshifting’ refers to the way his ‘will to power’ is a poor substitute for Schopenhauer on the ‘will in nature’.

Nietzsche on the Greeks is good but my take is better in WHEE. The Greek Archaic is the real model for an ‘age of revelation’ that clarifies old Testament Israel. Nietzsche would be shocked.

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