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The self-destruct of the jewish idea

September 30th, 2015 · No Comments


There is something almost spooky in the self-destruct of the jewish idea in the decades since the founding of Israel. How could such smart people produce such a monstrosity? Whatever the case, time’s up for this failed idea. I say this because a kind of anti-semitic frenzy surrounds this question. But the fallacy of trying to ‘solve’ this puzzle confronts now the dissipating motivation of more and more jews to play the old role of ‘jew’. It isn’t worth it. It is an idea born in the Axial Age and based on some spiritual power trying to motivate a tribe of primitives with a bogus ‘covenant’. It is beyond the dignity now of hyperintelligent jews living in the world of science and condemned to a new form of stupidity from their own culture. And that stupidity will prove catching, a point clear in the rapid decline in jewish smarts beyond the IQ ‘preen your feathers’ games which prove nothing. The fear of the coming stupidity of jews will drive a horde into ‘exile’ from judaism and jewish culture itself. The long history of the outsider seem to cook ‘jewish smarts’. Social domination will now destroy it.
That stupidity is very evident in gentiles. Look at the republican candidates. The social game in its cancerated political form is deadly, and jewish will to power has embraced it.
But the fact remains that the Israelis have created a kind of doomsday device: any attempt to move beyond the idea confronts an artificially created situation is insoluble: hedged with atomic weapons, a grotesque constitution, a people made stupid with sociological ‘hate’ implantation, what else? This was supposed to be smart?

Whatever the case, we can’t continue with a political culture controlled by jewish fascism. There we must protest the complot and do something about it…The destruction of american democracy looms…

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